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Audio Precision presents regular seminars on audio test around the world. We cover best practices for characterizing various devices, look at common mistakes to avoid and give practical advice on automation and what to look for when setting up a test program.

Digital Acoustic Measurements and Analysis

21-22 April 2015

Institute of New Media & Communications
Seoul National University
Seoul, South Korea

Audio Precision will present a two-day seminar on audio test. This course is ideal for design engineers, test engineers and engineering technicians involved in the research, development and production of everything from audio chips and components to complete systems.

Day 1 will include topics on sampling, quantization, dither, jitter, audio formats, Fourier analysis, digital noise, digital level, and digital interfaces (optical, SPDIF, Bluetooth, HDMI, etc...)

Day 2 will include topic on setting up and conducting digital audio tests, demonstration of testing PDM, HDMI, digital to analog converter, analog to digital converter, and an amplifier testing demonstration.

Hosted by:
B&P International, Co., Ltd.

For more information, please contact:
Ms. Sunwha Yang
+82 031-931-8901

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