2700 Series LabVIEW Driver 1.0.1 (2.12 MB)

Audio Precision has developed a complete LabVIEW project-style instrument driver for IEEE 488.2 (GPIB) equipped models of the 2700 Series of audio analyzers. This driver supports NI LabVIEW 8.20.

AP2700 C# Using References 1.0 (149.90 KB)

Example utilizing C# for AP2700 "using references" (Visual C# 2005).

AP2700 LabVIEW Examples 3.3 (68.00 KB)

LabVIEW VI examples for controlling 2700 Series and System Two Cascade  instruments using AP2700 control software and ActiveX automation. For usage instructions, see Technote 101

    APx555 & 2700 Series Audio Analyzers Comparison (494 KB)

    A brief, two-page comparison of the APx555 and 2700 Series Audio Analyzers.

      AP2700 Control Software 3.3 SP2 (9.89 MB)

      Compatible with 2700 Series, System Two Cascade, and System Two Cascade Plus.

      Version 3.3 SP2 (and SP1) supports 64-bit Windows 7 using the APIB-USB adapter. The OPT-2711 (Dolby Digital generator option) is not supported. Instruments with OPT-2711 installed will function correctly on a 64-bit PC, but the Dolby Digital generator will not be available.

      For Windows 8, please also download the AP2700 Windows 8 USB Drivers and follow the included instructions.

      More detailed information is available on our AP Software and Windows Compatibility chart

        Low Frequency Triangle Waves 1.0 (64.56 KB)

        Contains two triangle waves. Both are 24-bit with 16,384 samples and contain one cycle of a triangle wave. One has a frequency of 1.0 Hz and is sampled at 16.384 kHz. The other has a frequency of 2.926875 Hz and is sampled at 48 kHz. Designed to be loaded into the arbitrary waveform generator of the SYS-2722 analyzer.

          2700 Series Full Specifications (1.67 MB)

          2700 Series Full Specifications

          AP specifications in hard copy booklets & brochures can be out of date. The specifications documents available for download from our Web site have the most current and correct information. If there is a conflict between printed and online specifications, the online version is the prevailing document.

          2700 Series Getting Started Guide (16.3 MB)

          Getting Started With Your 2700 Series Instrument


          2700 Series User Manual (8.43 MB)

          2700 Series User Manual

            2700 Series & System Two Performance Check 1.24 (3.25 MB)

            Performance Check for all System Two and 2700 Series instruments. Running the Performance Check verifies proper instrument operation, and provides diagnostic data for Technical Support evaluation before sending an instrument in for service.

            2700 Series S-AES17 and OPT-2020 Filter Set Bit Macro 1.0 (3.78 KB)

            This AP Basic macro reads or sets the 2700 series instrument EEPROM firmware configuration to indicate the currently installed pre-analyzer filter (S-AES17 or OPT-2020). If you install or remove pre-analyzer filter hardware, you must set the EEPROM configuration for correct software operation. Requires AP2700 or APWIN version 2.24 or later control software.

            AP Basic Scripting Sample Files 1.0 (65.50 KB)

            These files accompany the "AP Basic Scripting" training video found at http://ap.com/support/training

            AP2700 & ATS-2 Resources Disc 102 (24.60 MB)

            The Audio Precision Resources Disc contains Sample Tests, the Performance Check and documentation to help you operate your AP2700 or ATS control software compatible audio analyzer. AP2700 or ATS control software is required. The installer includes both AP2700 and ATS-2 resources. You will be prompted to choose which components you wish to install.

            AP2700 ADSR Measurement Test 1.0 (92.50 KB)

            This measurement looks at the four segments of an envelope expressed as amplitude vs. time; Attack, time for a signal to reach full amplitude, Decay, time for the signal to drop from the initial attack level to the sustain level, Sustain, time the signal remains at the constant amplitude, and Release, time for the signal to return to an off or zero amplitude condition.

            AP2700 and ATS Get all FFT Bins Macro 1.0 (2.07 KB)

            Illustrates setting up the sweep panel to return all FFT bins. For 2700 Series and ATS-2. The macro includes a function that gets the Sample Rate and FFT length, and in addition to setting up the sweep panel, it retrieves the FFT level spectrum in units of Volts.

            AP2700 and ATS Graph Trace Setting Macro 1.0 (329.03 KB)

            Lets you set the graph trace properties quickly (line color, thickness, pattern, comments), even if you aren't otherwise using macros or automation, by adding this macro to your Quick Launch toolbar.
            Zip file includes macros for AP2700 and ATS, and Quick Launch installation instructions.

            AP2700 and ATS Split Stereo Waveform Macros 1.0 (0.92 KB)

            The ATS-2 and 2700 Series GPIB implementation requires that waveforms loaded into the analog and digital Arbitrary waveform buffers be mono files. Many of the sample waveforms provided for the two instruments are Stereo. This download contains two macros, one for each instrument, that can be used to split the stereo waveform into mono files.

            AP2700 AP Basic RS-232 OLE Control 1.0 (49.48 KB)

            Installation of this file restores RS-232 control in AP Basic macros, where the original file has gotten corrupted or is not provided by the operating system (Windows Vista and 7). See the related KB article for installation instructions. When the file is corrupted or missing, the following error message appears:

            "Communications control MScomm32.ocx could not be loaded."

            This issue has been corrected in AP2700 v3.30 SP1. We recommend that you download and install SP1 or later instead of just replacing this file, as it addresses some other issues as well as adds a driver for 64-bit versions of Windows.

            AP2700 Burst THD-IMD Macro 2.0 (39.77 KB)

            Series of macros written to support KB article http://ap.com/kb/87 on THD & IMD Measurements of Power Amplifiers with Short Duration Signals

            AP2700 Complex Impedance Macros 1.0 (185.89 KB)

            Includes instructions and discussion.

            AP2700 Crest Factor Test 1.0 (67.00 KB)

            File configured to measure crest factor. See knowledge base article for complete explanation.

            AP2700 Damping Factor and Output Impedance Measurement Macro 2.0 (10.38 KB)

            Measures and graphs the damping factor and output impedance vs. frequency of a power amplifier.

            AP2700 DIM Measurement Macro 1.0 (4.10 KB)

            Accompanies KB article "DIM 30 and DIM 100 Measurements per IEC 60268-3 with AP2700"

            AP2700 FFT Scaling for Noise Macro 1.0 (105.17 KB)

            AP2700 macro and test file to accompany the KB article "FFT Scaling for Noise."

            Contains several functions that are useful for performing calculations on FFT spectra, including FFT spectrum integration with window correction. There is also a subroutine that will convert a measured FFT spectrum to amplitude spectral density in dB relative to 1.0 V/√Hz, or FS/√Hz, and plot it on the graph.

            AP2700 Frequency Error Correction Test 1.0 (94.00 KB)

            This AP2700 test file accompanies the KB article "Syncing the 2700 Series Generator to an External Reference."

            AP2700 GraphBuilder Macro 2.0 (4.42 MB)

            GraphBuilder is a macro that extends the two-dimensional graph capability built into AP2700 and ATS control software to include three dimensional and polar graphs. For use with APWIN, download the previous version (1.1).

            AP2700 I2S Jitter Measurement Test 1.0 (94.00 KB)

            This file accompanies the knowledge base article "I2S jitter measurement with the SYS-2722." It demonstrates how to measure digital interface jitter using the digital unbalanced input of the instrument.

            AP2700 Instrument and APIB Bus Hardware Interrogator Macro 1.0 (9.30 KB)

            This AP2700 macro interrogates the System Two Family analyzer and APIB bus, and displays a list of all attached instruments and options.

            AP2700 Momentum DSP Filter Design Package 1.0 (1.07 MB)

            The Audio Precision Filter Design Package (APFDP) has been produced by Momentum Data Systems, Inc., to allow the user to create DSP filters for downloading to Audio Precision System Two Cascade hardware.

            The manual below explains the operation of APFDP. It is not intended to be a tutorial on digital signal processing, since there are many excellent texts on the subject, and it is assumed that the user has had a certain amount of academic or professional exposure to the subject.

            More advanced versions of this software are available, including versions enabling the design of finite impulse response (FIR) filters. These versions also support more powerful filter design techniques. Please call Momentum Data Systems for further information.

            Zip file contains

            APFDP manual (.pdf file)
            APFDP Executable application (.exe file)
            4 sample test tiles (.spc file)
            Read me (.txt file)

            AP2700 Polar Plots 1.0 (1.73 MB)

            Although the AP2700 Control Software does not include polar plotting, you can export measurement data to the plotting program of your choice.

            AP2700 Prompt Using Windows API Macro 1.0 (2.91 KB)

            This AP Basic macro demonstrates the use of a modified AP.Prompt for use in control loops. It allows the AP.Prompt text to be changed while a prompt is displayed without flashing or refreshing the entire prompt window.

            AP2700 PSRR Test 1.0 (13.14 KB)

            Tests PSRR (power supply rejection ratio). See the associated KB article for instructions. Contains .at27 test and .ads sweep file.

            AP2700 Sample Rate Error Measurement Macros 2.0 (671.41 KB)

            Many devices contain internal clocks that are not accessible but that need to be measured. Examples include the A/D converters in USB headsets, and the D/A converters in MP3 players and smart phones. The internal sample rate error of these types of devices can be indirectly determined by measuring the frequency error of a known tone. This download contains two AP2700 macros that calculate the error. See the associated KB article for instructions.

            AP2700 Send Bar Graph Data to Serial Port Macro 1.0 (10.73 KB)

            Macro and test file demonstrate how to send a bar graph reading to an RS-232 serial port.

            Matlab Toolbox 5.1 (22.63 KB)

            Set of MATLAB functions for audio applications such as reading and writing waveforms and filters for 2700, ATS-2, and APx

            VB Example 1.0 (168.80 KB)

              AP2700 Add-ins 3.30 (742.75 KB)

              dd-Ins are additional software features that can be seamlessly integrated into the AP2700 user interface.
              AP uses the standard Windows "Add/Remove Programs" exclusively to manage Add-Ins.

              Add-In Descriptions

              User Preferences -- Provides a user interface where you can set user preferences, define multiple preference groups and control how the preferences are applied to tests.

              Document Test Settings -- Creates an ASCII text file that documents selected panel settings for the current test configuration.

              Delete Traces-- Provides the capability to delete selected traces from the Graph / Data Editor. Sweeps that have any traces removed from view in the Graph are deleted.

              AP2700 and ATS Windows APIB Drivers 1.0 (112.00 KB)

              Audio Precision's proprietary APIB interface bus requires the installation of the proper Windows driver software on your PC.

              AP2700 and ATS Windows USB Drivers (107.81 KB)

              Drivers for running AP2700 and ATS software in Windows 7 and 8 using the AP USB-APIB Adapter. Includes instructions. See the KB article AP Software Windows Version Compatibility for more information.

              AP2700 MLS Quick Launch Macro (14.51 KB)

              Resolves an error with the MLS Quick Launch macro in AP2700 v3.3. When the MLS Quick Launch icon is clicked, and then the sweep Go button is clicked, the following message is displayed: "Error 18020: Channel 1 De-emphasis overload detected" Unzip this file, and save the two resulting files in the "My DocumentsAudio PrecisionAP2700 3.30Quick Launch" directory, replacing the ones currently there. This will fix the problem.