Rackmount Kits and Other Accessories

Rackmount Kits

Rackmount kit for APx555, 52x and 58x analyzers
RAK-APX sliding rackmount kit for APx500 Series instruments (except APx515). The hardware included in this kit allows Audio Precision APx Series analyzers to be mounted using slide-out, rackmount adapters.

Rackmount kit for the APx515 analyzer
RAK-515 rackmount kit for the APx515 audio analyzer.

Rackmount kit for 2700 Series audio analyzers
RAK-S2 rackmount kit for 2700 Series instruments. Includes both fixed brackets and parts to integrate with user-supplied chassis slides. Will also fit Audio Precision System Two and Cascade instruments. Note: The slide-rack mounting kit is intended to be used with Chassis Track C-300-S Series non-pivoting solid bearing chassis sections from General Devices Inc, Indianapolis, IN. These chassis sections are available in several lengths to fit a wide variety of racks.

Rackmount kit for the ATS-2 analyzer
ATS2-RAK kit allows you to mount the ATS-2 Analyzer in a standard EIA rack. It occupies two rack units (2RU) (3.5″ vertically). The kit consists of brackets that attach to the side of the ATS-2 to provide front and rear support. The rear brackets are adjustable to fit various rack depths. The kit also includes a small filler panel to extend the height of the ATS-2 to the nominal 3.5-inch rack height. You can mount the ATS-2 flush to the rack rails, or set it back by 1.5″ to minimize the protrusion of front cables. The extra space at the bottom of the mounting allows the cables to be dressed to the back of the rack under the ATS-2.

Rackmount kit for the ATS-1 analyzer
RAK-ATS enables the rack mounting of an ATS-1 Analyzer. Two methods are possible: fixed brackets, or slide-track mounting. The slide tracks themselves are not furnished, but the slide mount capability is compatible with the Chassis Trak Models C-300-S-114 (14-inch rack depth), C-300-S-116 (16-inch rack depth), and C-300-S-118 (18-inch rack depth) rackmounts available from General Devices, Inc. Step by step instructions for the ATS-1 Rackmount Slide Kit are in Appendix B of the ATS-1 User’s Manual. Note: Conversion from bench-top to rackmount configuration does not require the removal of the covers. Also note that the top and bottom covers may be removed from a slide-mounted ATS-1 without removing the unit from the rack or from the slides.

RAK-P1 provides a rackmounted shelf for your Portable One instrument.

RAK-12 rackmount brackets for DCX-127. Will also mount GAT-1, SIA-322 and SWR-122.

RAK-212 rackmount brackets for SWR-2755, SWR-2122, PSIA-2722, AUX-0025, and DCX-127 accessory hardware. RAK-212 brackets allow mounting the switcher flush with the front of the rack, or set back to keep connectors inside the rack.

RAK-100 rackmount kit for the AUX-0100 Measurement Filter.

Other Accessories

USB APIB adapter for 2700 Series, System Two Cascade Plus, System Two Cascade and ATS-2 analyzers
USB APIB Adapter
For AP 2700 Series, System Two Cascade Plus, System Two Cascade, ATS-2, and various accessories (switchers, DCX-127, PSIA). All APx Series analyzers are connected directly to the control PC by USB and do not need the adapter, though APx uses the USB adapter to control switchers.

• Adapter to connect APIB interface on AP instrument to controlling PC via USB rather than an APIB card installed in the PC.
• Includes USB cable, DB-25 APIB cable and software discs.
• Select option “USB interface” when specifying new instrument or to order separately for existing systems request the “USB-APIB Adapter” from Sales Partner.
• Requires AP2700 v3.30 or ATS v1.60 or later, so it will not work with analyzers earlier than System Two Cascade.

The USB-APIB adapter includes both a USB cable and a 2-meter APIB interface cable, used to connect the interface adapter to the instrument and to daisy-chain accessories such as the PSIA, DCX-127, or switchers. Additional cables of different lengths are also available.

Test Discs
These CD and DVD test discs all contain signals appropriate for measuring frequency response, THD+N versus frequency, and at least one form of intermodulation distortion. Most contain signals suitable for interchannel phase, stereo separation, noise, and signal-to-noise ratio measurements; most also contain some unique signals. Some CDs have “glide tone,” signals continuously swept across the spectrum, permitting frequency response and interchannel phase versus frequency measurements with the greatest resolution.

DSK-JAS: Japan Audio Society DVD-V1
This DVD test disc includes test signals in PCM mode at 48 kHz/24 bit and 96 kHz/24 bit. It also includes Dolby Digital Surround 48 kHz 5.1 channel test signals and dts Digital Surround 48 kHz 5.1 channel test signals. Over 42 tracks.

DSK-NAB: NAB Broadcast and Audio System Test CD, vol. 1
Several test signals useful to broadcast and audio test engineers, including special FM and TV test signals.

DSK-PHI: Philips Audio Signals Disc 1 SBC429
Includes several audio signals useful in measuring the performance of a compact disc player. The CBS and Philips discs provide fixed-frequency signals over a wide amplitude range for measuring distortion versus amplitude and linearity; the Philips SBC429 provides the most amplitude levels. Download the detailed track list.