Rackmount Kits and Other Accessories

Rackmount Kits

Rackmount kit for APx555, 52x and 58x analyzers
RAK-APX sliding rackmount kit for APx500 Series instruments (except APx515). The hardware included in this kit allows Audio Precision APx Series analyzers to be mounted using slide-out, rackmount adapters.

RAK-APX-EARS rackmount kit for APx500 Series instruments
RAK-APX-EARS rackmount kit for APx500 Series instruments (excluding APx511 and APx515).

Rackmount kit for the APx515 analyzer
RAK-515 rackmount kit for the APx515 audio analyzer.

RAK-212 rackmount brackets for SWR-2755, SWR-2122, PSIA-2722, AUX-0025, and DCX-127 accessory hardware. RAK-212 brackets allow mounting the switcher flush with the front of the rack, or set back to keep connectors inside the rack.

RAK-100 rackmount kit for the AUX-0100 Measurement Filter.

Other Accessories

USB APIB adapter for 2700 Series, System Two Cascade Plus, System Two Cascade and ATS-2 analyzers
USB APIB Adapter
For AP 2700 Series, System Two Cascade Plus, System Two Cascade, ATS-2, and various accessories (switchers, DCX-127, PSIA). All APx Series analyzers are connected directly to the control PC by USB and do not need the adapter, though APx uses the USB adapter to control switchers.

• Adapter to connect APIB interface on AP instrument to controlling PC via USB rather than an APIB card installed in the PC.
• Includes USB cable, DB-25 APIB cable and software discs.
• Select option “USB interface” when specifying new instrument or to order separately for existing systems request the “USB-APIB Adapter” from Sales Partner.
• Requires AP2700 v3.30 or ATS v1.60 or later, so it will not work with analyzers earlier than System Two Cascade.

The USB-APIB adapter includes both a USB cable and a 2-meter APIB interface cable, used to connect the interface adapter to the instrument and to daisy-chain accessories such as the PSIA, DCX-127, or switchers. Additional cables of different lengths are also available.