HDMI Module for APx B Series Audio Analyzers

HDMI Module for APx B Series Audio Analyzers
Comprehensive HDMI and Blu-ray audio testing

HDMI Module for APx B Series Audio Analyzers

The APx HDMI option (HDMI+ARC) for the B Series APx555, APx52x and APx58x audio analyzers allows engineers to measure HDMI audio quality and audio format compatibility on devices such as surround sound receivers, set-top boxes, HD TVs, smartphones and tablets, and DVD or Blu-ray Disc™ players. Connections are provided for source and sink devices, as well as additional HDMI connections for auxiliary video input and a monitor output. Quick Tip Video #127 – HDMI Module Overview

Support for the Audio Return Channel (ARC), a part of the HDMI 1.4 spec, adds the ability to test both ARC audio quality and connectivity on receivers and TVs that support it.

All standard audio measurements are available including level, SNR, distortion, phase, crosstalk, group delay, and others. The APx500 software is capable of taking 14 measurements in only 7 seconds, automatically generating a report of results, and saving all test settings in a single, sharable project file. Real-time signal monitors include residual THD+N in oscilloscope view and a 1.2M point FFT.

Verifying Dolby & dts Encoded Audio
In addition to generating linear / PCM audio streams, APx can stream lossless formats (such as Dolby TrueHD™ and dts-HD Master Audio™) and compressed formats (such as Dolby Digital™ and dts Digital Surround™) from pre-encoded audio test files.

This feature makes it easy to troubleshoot component compatibility and downsampling / downmixing / transcoding issues.

Streaming of .wav, .ac3, .dts, and .cpt over the SPDIF, TOSLINK, and AES/EBU digital outputs is also supported.

An additional set of HDMI connectors (also utilized for AUX In and Monitor Out) are provided for Audio Return Channel transmit and receive. In addition to full audio and metadata analysis capabilities, APx500 can send and receive CEC commands, allowing observation and troubleshooting of ARC connection negotiations. The regular HDMI connectors may also be used simultaneously, making it possible to send a test signal to a device over HDMI and to receive it back over ARC for analysis.

Smartphones and Tablets
The APx555, or the APx525, with DSIO, HDMI, and Bluetooth options are the perfect analyzer for testing every input and output on a smartphone or tablet. Each provides two analog channels, which is all that’s needed for these devices, plus they support up to eight channels across HDMI.

Blu-Ray Audio
Because Blu-ray and other disc players cannot accept an incoming audio stream, test signals must be played from disc. Every APx with the HDMI option includes a Blu-ray Disc with high-resolution versions of a wide selection of audio test signals.

Viewing and Editing HDMI E-EDID Data
An EDID is a ROM inside a piece of HDMI sink equipment such as a TV that informs the HDMI source of what audio and video formats the sink supports. For audio, that includes the number of channels, types of codecs, and sample rates.

EDID must be set up correctly or the source may send formats that the sink can’t handle. If the sink doesn’t report its capabilities properly, the unit is likely to have interoperability problems.

APx provides the ability to view and save the E-EDID of a device connected to the instrument’s source connector. In addition users can arbitrarily edit the E-EDID that the instrument’s HDMI sink presents to a source device under test.

APx HDMI EDID configuration files
APx with HDMI supports multiple EDID configurations. These .edid files are pre-configured for various audio formats, including encoded audio such as DTS.

Video and Third Party Support
The APx HDMI option has a basic video generator. The user can generate a single color video test signal and control the resolution (up to 1080p), the color of the image, and the color depth (including deep color).

Use of third party video pattern generators is supported by the “Pass External Video Through” option. When an external video signal is provided, APx combines it with the audio stream from the APx’s generator and outputs a single audio/video stream.

The system also forwards E-EDID and CEC data transparently between the device under test and any device connected to AUX IN.

The APx itself does not analyze video; however, all signals delivered to the sink are mirrored to the AUX OUT monitor connector. This allows the user to send the video signal to an external video analyzer or monitor the signal on a display.

HDMI 1.3a Source and Sink

HDMI 1.4a ARC (Audio Return Channel)

HDMI Audio Layout 0 or 1

Linear PCM Audio Generation
Up to 8 channels at 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4 and 192 kHz (up to 24-bit)

Lossless Format Generation (e.g., dts-HD Master Audio)
48, 96 and 192 kHz

Compressed Format Generation (e.g., Dolby Digital, dts Digital Surround)

EDID Values
Generate and Display

Video Test Signal Generation
All HDMI standard resolutions, color depths (incl. deep color), and refresh rates

HDCP Encryption on Source and Sink
Full Support

Additional Items
Auxiliary interfaces for third party video test equipment
Bit-for-bit verification of digital data reproduction
Display and set Audio Infoframe and Status Bits

Full Specifications: For full specifications on the APx HDMI I/O module, please see the Installation and Specifications Guides for any of the modular APx audio analyzers: