Eric Hodges
Director, Marketing & Sales Operations
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Measurement Automation & Production Test with APx

Have you had a chance to watch our latest video series?

Audio Test Sessions with APx are designed to educate engineers and technicians about everything from specific audio measurement applications to getting started with APx, and even a few “hidden gems” in our software. These are available to watch at your leisure and can be shared with your colleagues who may want to brush up their own audio test knowledge.

In this session, Joe Begin provides a detailed discussion of how to use a variety of automation and production (or manufacturing) test-oriented features. While these features are valuable for production test, any users that need to conduct the same tests in a repeatable way will likely find them useful.

Topics in this video include:

  • Auxiliary Control Input & Output (I/O)
  • Pass/Fail Measurement
  • Measurement Sequence Steps
  • User-defined & APx System Variables
  • Measurement Sequence Settings
  • Pre-Sequence and Post-Sequence Steps
  • Multiple Sequences in a project
  • Production Test Mode
  • Demonstration

During the demonstration, Joe uses a headphone amplifier as the device under test (DUT). The battery powered amplifier has one analog input and two analog outputs, presumably so two users can listen to the same content simultaneously. He runs through a complete production test demonstration, measuring the performance of both the DUT’s outputs, then reviews the process and test data in detail.

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