Complimentary Upgrade Request

Please complete the form below to request a complimentary upgrade to APx software version 5.0 for your customer. Complimentary upgrades are ONLY being provided to customers whose APx analyzer shipped in 2018.

Important Notes:

  1. Each v5.0 upgrade is instrument-specific. When placing an upgrade request, you will need to include the customer’s analyzer serial number.
  2. For customers who already possess an APx KeyBox (for v4.6), their upgrades will be sent via email (either the analyzer owner email or ship-to contact email).
  3. For customers who DO NOT have an APx KeyBox, their upgrades will be shipped with a v5.0-enabled APx KeyBox to the ship-to (or owner analyzer) address provided.
  4. APx500 software v5.0 requires Windows 10 or Windows 8 64-bit operating systems.