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APx555 B Series

The B Series APx555 is the new standard in high-performance audio analyzers for R&D engineers and production technicians. With typical THD+N at –120 dB, its analog performance surpasses even that of the classic 2700 Series.

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APx52x B Series

The APx52x B Series is the ideal balance of analog performance and breadth of digital I/O for R&D engineers and production technicians.

Available models:
APx525: 2 channel analog plus 192K digital.
APx526: 4 channel analog plus 192K digital.

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APx58x B Series

The APx58x B Series are true multichannel audio analyzers, with 8 or 16 simultaneous analog outputs and inputs as well as 192k digital. With the optional HDMI and Digital Serial I/O options, there is no better analyzer in the world for testing HD and Blu-ray devices.

Available models:
APx582: 8 channel analog input (2 analog output) plus 192k digital.
APx585: 8 channel analog I/O plus 192k digital.
APx586: 16 channel analog input (8 analog output) plus 192k digital.

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APx517 B Series

The B Series APx517 is an integrated acoustic test system, complete with audio analyzer, power amplifier, headphone amplifier, and microphone power supply, along with an array of digital interface options.

Available models:
APx517B with Bluetooth
APx517B with Digital Audio I/O
APx517B with Digital Serial I/O
APx517B with HDMI
APx517B with PDM I/O
APx517B with PDM 16 & 2 m Cable
APx517B with PDM 16 & 5 m Cable
APx517B with PDM 16 & 10 m Cable
APx517B without any digital I/O

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APx515 B Series

The B Series APx515 is a performance audio analyzer optimized for production test. It is a best-in-class instrument for its speed, performance, automation and ease-of-use.

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APx500 Flex

The APx500 Flex audio analyzer—comprised of APx500 measurement software and an APx500 Flex Key—allows you to select the ASIO-capable audio interface of your choice to use along with AP’s versatile and powerful APx audio measurement software.

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The APx1701 Transducer Test Interface is an APx accessory device that integrates instrument-grade amplifiers and microphone power supplies for designers and production test engineers seeking clear insight into the behavior of their electro-acoustic devices.

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