AP2700 Control Software

Version3.3 SP2
Size9.89 MB
Create DateApril 5, 2016
Last UpdateJanuary 31, 2017

Compatible with 2700 Series, System Two Cascade, and System Two Cascade Plus.

Version 3.3 SP2 (and SP1) supports 64-bit Windows 7 using the APIB-USB adapter. The OPT-2711 (Dolby Digital generator option) is not supported. Instruments with OPT-2711 installed will function correctly on a 64-bit PC, but the Dolby Digital generator will not be available.

For Windows 8, please also download the AP2700 Windows 8 USB Drivers and follow the included instructions.

More detailed information is available on our AP Software and Windows Compatibility chart

AP2700 Control Software v3.3 SP2
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