APx FM MPX-RDS Waveforms 75 µs (North America)

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Create DateApril 5, 2016
Last UpdateNovember 23, 2016

APx FM MPX-RDS Waveforms 75µs (North America) contains a series of FM multiplex and RDS encoded waveforms for FM radio receiver testing with the APx Series analyzers. The test streams are versions of the stereo .wav files that can be created with the Audio Precision Waveform Generator Utility (WfmGeneration.exe), also available for download.

Copy the folder to your PC and load the desired file using the generator waveform browser inside the APx500 application. Download Technote 105: FM Radio Receiver Testing with APx Audio Analyzers for a discussion on FM testing.

APx FM MPX RDS Waveforms 75 µs (North America)
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