APx Speaker Impedance Measurement Utility

Size135.83 MB
Create DateApril 7, 2016
Last UpdateJuly 2, 2018

This utility for APx analyzers allows you to make an impedance vs frequency sweep across a loudspeaker, and then see the graph and data results directly in ohms. Clicking Help in the utility will display the complete instructions, including a discussion of the theory behind it. It can utilize the built-in source resistor on APx analyzers to make impedance measurements.

NOTE:This utility is only compatible with APx500 Software v3.3 or earlier. For users with APx500 v3.4 or later, options APX-SW-SPK-RD&l and APX-SW-SPK-PT provide a range of acoustic measurements, with SPK-RD including Thiele-Small characterization. An impedance-only alternative is also available for download and is compatible with APx500 v3.4 and later, please see the APx Speaker Impedance Measurement Project. This project requires an external sense resistor and uses the constant voltage method.

APx Speaker Impedance Measurement Utility Zip File
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