APx500 Measurement Software

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Create DateSeptember 1, 2021
Last UpdateSeptember 1, 2021

Version 6.0 of APx500 audio measurement software offers multiple simultaneous input types, or multi-input, which is the ability to activate a second input type on any APx modular audio analyzer, or APx515 analyzer, and make measurements simultaneously on analog and digital signals.

New analyzers include one year of software maintenance, licensing that instrument for APx version 7.0 when it is released, as well as any minor releases that occur between versions 6.0 and 7.0. Release 6.0 is compatible with all analyzers in the APx500 Series, however an APx KeyBox is required to run v6.0 on Legacy APx analyzers.

IMPORTANT: Beginning with version 5.0, a paid license is required to run each major release (e.g., v5.0, v6.0, etc.) of APx500 audio measurement software.

Software Licensing FAQ

Additional information regarding APx500 measurement software:

  1. AP Software and Windows Compatibility chart
  2. APx500 software v6.0 requires the Windows 10 64-bit operating system.
  3. This download is suitable for most users. If Microsoft .NET version 4.5 is not already on your PC, it will be downloaded during the installation.
  4. For PCs that do not have .NET version 4.5 installed, and are not connected to the Internet, download the full installer instead (APx500 Measurement Software (with .NET)) NOTE: .NET 4.5 does not support Microsoft Windows XP.
APx500 Measurement Software v6.0.2
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