APx500 Measurement Software

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Create DateDecember 17, 2018
Last UpdateJune 10, 2020

IMPORTANT: Beginning with release 5.0, a paid license is required to run APx500 audio measurement software. See below for details:

Version 5.0 software added the ability to measure the transfer function of electronic audio and electroacoustic devices. The transfer function measurement provides the complex frequency response function for a device, including the magnitude and phase (or real and imaginary components), using any broadband signal.

Release 5.0 is compatible with all analyzers in the APx500 Series, however an APx KeyBox is required to run v5.0 on Legacy APx analyzers.

Software Licensing FAQ

Additional information regarding APx500 measurement software:

  1. AP Software and Windows Compatibility chart
  2. APx500 software v5.0 requires Windows 10, or Windows 8, 64-bit operating systems.
  3. This download is suitable for most users. If Microsoft .NET version 4.5 is not already on your PC, it will be downloaded during the installation.
  4. For PCs that do not have .NET version 4.5 installed, and are not connected to the Internet, download the full installer instead (APx500 Measurement Software (with .NET)) NOTE: .NET 4.5 does not support Microsoft Windows XP.
APx500 Measurement Software v5.0.3
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