APx555 Firmware Update for use of APx500 Software V4.2 and Earlier

Size220.07 KB
Create DateJune 22, 2016
Last UpdateDecember 22, 2016

FirmwareUpdateB4AIv2.0 is a firmware patch.

If you have purchased a new APx555 analyzer on or after June 22, 2016, with serial number 11255 or greater, and you wish to operate this analyzer with older versions of APx500 (specifically v4.0, v4.1 or v 4.2.1), you must download and install this patch. Note that versions previous to v4.0 do not support APx555 hardware under any circumstances.

This patch is not required if you are using the current version of APx500 software, version 4.3, which has been provided with your instrument and is available for download from this web site.

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