Controlling APx500 Plugin Measurements via the API

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Create DateJune 30, 2022
Last UpdateJune 30, 2022

The APx500 software comes with many built-in measurements. Additional  measurements, known as plugin measurements, can be added to the software by running installers made available on the Audio Precision (AP) website. Plugin measurements integrate directly with the APx500 software, allowing users to take
advantage of built-in APx500 features such as pass/fail limits, sequencer control, derived results, and reporting. Like built-in measurements, plugin measurements can be controlled programmatically via the software’s Application Programming Interface (API). However, unlike built-in measurements, all plugin measurements derive from the Signal Acquisition measurement and are controlled via the Signal Acquisition APIs. This document provides an overview of how to do this.

Controlling APx500 Plugin  Download  
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