Technote 120: Smartphone Audio Test App 2.2 for Android

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Create DateAugust 2, 2016
Last UpdateFebruary 26, 2019

NOTE: this file is the technote only. Please see Audio Precision's Smartphone audio test app for Android to download the app and technote. AP's app allows for full testing of audio pathways, including Bluetooth HFP and A2DP, without initiating a call over the network.

This technote describes and explains the use of the APx Smartphone app for Android-based devices, including:

  • How to install the necessary software on the smartphone or tablet device under test (DUT)
  • How to use the Smartphone app on the DUT
  • Performing acoustic measurements of a smartphone
  • Which APx projects to use for testing the various signal paths


TN 120: Smartphone Audio Test App 2.2 for Android
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