Technote 129: Production Test with APx Audio Analyzers

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Create DateJuly 12, 2016
Last UpdateNovember 25, 2020

In this technote, we discuss features in the APx500 measurement software that support the creation of automated production test sequences, with a focus on electro-acoustic test. TN129 also provides a practical example, specifically the configuration, and use, of the APx517B Acoustic Analyzer for production test of loudspeakers, and includes discussion of "golden units" (reference devices), input equalization, multiple sequences in a single project, and Production Test mode.

Features supporting production test that are described in this technote include:

• Sequence Mode
• Sequences & the Navigator/Sequencer
• Signal Paths, Measurements, and Sequence Steps
• Variables
• Auxiliary control
• Data export and report generation
• Microphone calibration
• Output level regulation
• Defining limits/targets using a Golden Unit (reference device)
• Analog generator Global Vmax
• Input equalization
• Production Test mode (password-restricted)
• Sequence logging and statistics

TN129: Production Test with APx Audio Analyzers
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