Technote 135: Using APx to Test Audio Quality of A2B Network Devices

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Create DateMarch 14, 2018
Last UpdateMarch 27, 2019

The Automotive Audio Bus® (A2B®)* is an emergent technology developed and patented by Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI), and already adopted by a number of key automotive manufacturers.

In addition to a brief overview of A2B, this technote describes the A2B audio testing solution Audio Precision has developed in cooperation with Mentor Automotive. Using an Audio Precision analyzer and the Mentor Automotive A2B Analyzer, you can configure an A2B network for testing the audio performance of A2B-enabled devices. In Technote 135, we’ll use an ADI evaluation board to represent two automotive audio applications.

The discussion will primarily focus on test set-up and connectivity; once the A2B network is established, you can run any audio measurement provided in the APx500 software.

NOTE: This zip file includes the ASIO source and sink session files described in the TechNote.


*A2B and Automotive Audio Bus are registered trademarks of Analog Devices, Inc.

TN135 Using APx to Test Audio Quality of A2B Network Devices
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