Technote 139: Qualifying an Audio Interface for APx500 Flex

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Create DateOctober 6, 2019
Last UpdateMarch 15, 2021

With APx500 Flex and a third party ASIO driver-enabled audio interface (sound card), users have access to the extensive suite of audio measurements available in the APx500 software with the audio interface of their choice (in place of purpose-built audio analyzer hardware).

Although an audio interface with the right software can be used successfully for audio test, these devices are primarily designed for recording and mixing music. As such, choosing an appropriate audio interface and configuring it for precision audio measurements can require a significant amount of work. To make it easy for users, we’ve already done this work and verified the compatibility of three different audio interfaces for use with APx500 Flex. Instructions and configuration files for these three compatible audio interfaces are available on the APx500 Flex product page.

We’ve also anticipated that some users will want to use an audio interface other than the initial three we've verified. In this Technote we discuss the process of qualifying an audio interface for audio test with APx500 Flex. We also cover some of the potential pit-falls of using an audio interface, rather than purpose-built test hardware, for audio measurement.

TN139 - Qualifying an Audio Interface for APx500 Flex
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