Transfer Function MLS Prepend .wav Files

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Create DateFebruary 19, 2019
Last UpdateFebruary 19, 2019

This download (zip file) contains the .wav files listed in the table below. Each file contains a short burst of a Maximum Length Sequence (MLS).  For each sample rate, the order of the MLS was selected such that the signal length of one complete MLS sequence is approximately 0.100 seconds. The MLS signal is followed by dithered silence (24 bit) to create a total file length of 0.200 seconds. These files can be prepended to a .wav file containing speech, music or noise to improve the signal match in the Transfer Function measurement, as described in Technote 138: Transfer Function Measurements with APx500 Audio Analyzers.

File Name Sample Rate MLS Length (s)
PreMLS_8k.wav 8000 0.128
PreMLS_16k.wav 16000 0.128
PreMLS_32k.wav 32000 0.128
PreMLS_44k.wav 44100 0.093
PreMLS_48k.wav 48000 0.085
PreMLS_88k.wav 88200 0.093
PreMLS_96k.wav 96000 0.085
PreMLS_176k.wav 176400 0.093
PreMLS_192k.wav 192000 0.085
MLS Prepend WAV Files
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