Attack Do Brazil Sets a New Standard for Quality in Professional Audio with New Audio Precision Audio Analyzers in R&D and Production Test

Created on 2012-08-14 20:42:00



Attack chooses Audio Precision for its recognized high performance, reliability, speed and ease-of-use.

BEAVERTON, OREGON, USA, and APUCARANA, BRAZIL, Aug 15, 2012: Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test, and Attack do Brazil, one of Brazil’s leading manufacturers of professional audio equipment, today announced that Attack has selected Audio Precision audio analyzers for their research and development department and their production lines.

Attack designs and manufacturers pro audio amplifiers, line arrays and PA systems. Attack has a reputation for high quality, so it is crucial to have superior test equipment such as Audio Precision. Because they design and manufacture everything themselves, it is vital that the different departments can share test data quickly and easily.

For their R&D department, Attack has selected the APx525 high performance audio analyzer. The APx525 has extremely high performance, key features like a one million point FFT and built-in oscilloscope, and a very easy user interface, so it is ideal for engineers working on new products on a tight time scale. For the production line, Attack has selected the low cost APx515. The APx515 can make 21 measurements in under three seconds, and can also be automated without any programming. All APx audio analyzers run the same software, so R&D can create tests and share results with the Production department, reducing errors, increasing speed and improving quality.

Attack has been very creative by using the APx’s automated reporting feature to generate personalized datasheets after each product is given a final test at the end of production. This “birth certificate” allows Attack’s customers to see the exact performance of the new Attack product they have purchased and shows Attack’s dedication to high quality and confidence in their production line.

“For vertically integrated companies like Attack, it is vital that they select a test platform that works everywhere from design to verification to production,” says Tom Williams, VP of Sales and Marketing at Audio Precision. "The APx family gives them the flexibility to select the best analyzer for each area of their business, with the assurance that they will work together flawlessly and that each one gives results that everyone will trust, because it is measured with Audio Precision"

“Everyone in the audio industry knows Audio Precision,” says José Luiz Vendrametto of Attack do Brasil. “With this new generation of Audio Precision analyzers, our engineers can design faster and our production workers can be sure each product meets our high standards. Seeing the AP test on each product proves our commitment quality to our customers.”


About Audio Precision

Audio Precision is the recognized standard in audio test. Since 1984, AP has offered high performance audio analyzer instruments and applications to help engineers worldwide design and manufacture all types of consumer, professional and industrial audio products. For more information, visit

About Attack do Brasil

For 25 years Attack do Brazil has developed and manufactured professional audio equipment such as speakers, amplifiers and sound systems for large events. Since 1986 the company has continually invested in its production line. Today, with its own headquarters which covers area of 20,000 m2, installed in Apucarana, Paraná, the Attack has a complete production line that ranges from the design to final finished product, through industries such as metallurgy, electro-electronics, carpentry and painting.