Audio Precision Goes Direct in the UK & Ireland

Created on 2010-08-25 20:07:00

New office means lower prices & faster access to AP’s technical expertise

Cambridgeshire, UK, August 25, 2010: Audio Precision, the recognised standard in audio test and measurement, has opened an office in the United Kingdom to support customers of its audio analyser instruments and drive new sales in one of the top audio design markets in the world. Customers in the UK and Ireland will see the immediate benefits of lower prices and faster access to Audio Precision’s audio test expertise.

"AP has a very loyal user base in the UK and Ireland,” comments Dave Schmoldt, President of Audio Precision. “This move will put AP’s technical expertise just a phone call away from our customers, and by selling direct we’re able to reduce prices: for example, we can price our new APx515 production test audio analyser at well under £4,000.”

Heading the new Audio Precision UK is James Kelly, a British test and measurement engineer with over 20 years’ experience of designing custom automated test solutions for a variety of manufacturers in the audio industry, mainly using AP audio analysers.

Before joining Audio Precision, Mr. Kelly worked for companies including ARCAM (where he helped to develop the first ever functional ‘bed of nails’ testing facilities using AP analysers), TAG McLaren Audio, and International Audio Group (IAG) where he served as Head of Engineering in both Cambridgeshire and Shenzhen, China. Prior to leaving IAG, he designed automated test facilities for the manufacturing arms of Quad, Whafedale, Mission and AudioLab.

"James’s experience in designing test workflows using our hardware will be invaluable to us," says Daniel Knighten, Audio Precision VP of Products and Sales, "as will his detailed experience of dealing with production line test in China. That’s a very important market for us now, particularly with the launch of the APx515."

As well as driving new UK sales, Mr. Kelly will now be responsible for supporting existing UK-based AP customers and developing test solutions for them if required. "With over 20 years developing custom test routines using AP audio analysers, I should have most of the answers!" he quips from his new office.

Based in Cambridgeshire, England, Audio Precision UK Ltd will be responsible for all AP customers in the United Kingdom and Ireland. For more information, contact James Kelly directly at Audio Precision UK on +44 (0)20 3318 4428, or via email on [email protected]. Audio Precision has created a new micro website for UK-focused audio analyser information at: