Audio Precision Increases Multichannel Input Bandwidth

Version 4.1 release of APx test software supports full input bandwidth across all channels of APx555, APx525 and APx586 analyzers

BEAVERTON, OREGON, January 19, 2015: Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test, announced today the availability of the latest release, version 4.1, of their powerful APx500 audio test software. The release provides a number of enhancements, including full input bandwidth across all channels for their two-channel (APx555 and APx525) and sixteen-channel (APx586) analyzers.

Full Bandwidth on All Channels
Version 4.1 of the APx500 audio test software enables users of the APx555, APx525 and APx586 audio analyzers to access their system’s maximum input bandwidth across all channels of the test system. For both APx555 and 525 analyzers (the latter with option BW52 installed), this means 1 MHz of input bandwidth on both channels. With regards to the APx586, v4.1 software enables up to 90 kHz of input bandwidth across all sixteen channels.

Enhanced Filter Flexibility and Increased Acoustic Response Control
Additional enhancements to the APx software suite include a more flexible choice of filter settings in the signal path, allowing a wider range of cutoff frequencies and improving the user’s ability to fully explore the device under test. Version 4.1 also offers users greater control over the Acoustic Response time window, with either auto or manual setting of the window start time and establishment of an absolute time zero for measurement. This enables accurate loudspeaker measurements even in the presence of high-level reflections.

“These latest enhancements reinforce the power and versatility of AP’s audio test software and our APx Series audio analyzers,” said Dave Schmoldt, Audio Precision CEO. “More importantly, each new software release and set of fresh features demonstrates our commitment to our customers and to the advancement of audio test.”

About Audio Precision

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