Audio Precision Introduces Converged Audio Test for Integrated Audio Products

Created on 2013-10-11 20:20:00

A suite of electro-acoustic measurements added to the APx platform for end-to-end testing of Integrated Audio Products, from the recognized standard in audio test.

October 11, 2013 — Beaverton OR. Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test, today announced a new software release that expands the features of the electro-acoustic test suite for APx audio analyzers. APx v3.4 adds Thiele/Small parameters, Complex Impedance and Loudspeaker Production Test to the APx platform.

This expanded electro-acoustic capability makes APx audio analyzers the preferred choice for designing and testing integrated audio products that incorporate electronics, digital signal processing and loudspeakers.

In addition to the new measurements, the APx electro-acoustic suite includes an Energy Time Curve (for quasi-anechoic measurements), Impulse Response, Frequency Response, Relative Level, Phase, Distortion Product Ratio, Distortion Product Level, Rub and Buzz, and Modulated Noise (for air leak detection). Output options include waterfall charts and polar plots via APx utilities.

Converged Audio Test covers all aspects of today’s integrated audio products. AP is the recognized standard in analog audio test with ultra low distortion, wide input and output ranges and high accuracy measurements, while APx I/O options provide native connectivity for a wide range of digital formats including Bluetooth, HDMI, PDM, and Digital Serial. With the expansion of the APx electro-acoustic test suite, integrated audio products can be tested in every domain, at every step from R&D to Production.

“Soundcard-based analyzers are not designed for testing electronics with input voltage typically not exceeding 10 volts and inappropriate input and output impedances. In addition, having to use different instruments for different domains is inefficient and expensive,” says Tom Williams, VP of sales and marketing at Audio Precision, “With APx, engineers can use a single analyzer with a single automated project to test analog circuitry, Bluetooth connectivity and driver electro-mechanical characteristics like impedance, Thiele-Small and rub and buzz. The result will be a single consistent data set ready to share between collaborators or an integrated report from the most reliable and trusted name in audio test. The continuity of Converged Audio Test reduces costs, saves time and increases confidence, with AP’s world-class support available at every stage of audio development and production.”

Converged Audio Test in R&D and Production

R&D engineers working on integrated audio products must be able to obtain reliable results from each part of the signal chain, from analog inputs to digitally processed compensation to power amplifiers and loudspeakers. The complete APx electro-acoustic suite is ideal for these tasks, with incredible flexibility and reporting capacity. The full range of Thiele/Small parameters may be obtained using added mass, known volume or known mass methods.

For high speed production test, impedance magnitude and phase plus a limited set of Thiele-Small parameters are calculated (along with Frequency Response, Relative Level, Phase, Distortion Product Ratio, Distortion Product Level, Rub and Buzz) from a single log sweep.

Because APx is a unified platform, R&D can define tests and acceptable ranges of results, sending this information directly to the factory for complete quality control of the manufacturing process.

Price and availability

The new electro-acoustic measurements are enabled through two new software options. Both options are available concurrent with the APx500 v3.4 release scheduled for Oct 4, 2013.

An APx analyzer is required to run the measurements. All models support the below options.

•     APX-SW-SPK-RD (for R&D): Impedance magnitude, Impedance phase, Impedance real, Impedance imaginary, complete Thiele-Small Parameters,  Energy Time Curve, Impulse Response, Frequency Response, Relative Level, Phase, Distortion Product Ratio, Distortion Product Level, Rub and Buzz, and Modulated Noise. Includes all measurements in the Loudspeaker Production test measurement detailed below and polar plots and waterfall graph utilities. Price is $1500 in US.

•     APX-SW-SPK-PT (for production test): Frequency response, Relative Level, Phase, Distortion Product Ratio, Distortion Product Level, Rub and Buzz, Impedance Magnitude, Impedance Phase, Limited Thiele-Small Parameters and Modulated Noise. Price is $750 in US.


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