Audio Precision Introduces New Audio Analyzer for Hearing Instrument Production Test

Created on 2012-10-26 07:36:00


The recognized standard in electronic audio test applies its 27 years of expertise in test equipment to hearing instrument design and production  


EUHA Congress, Frankfurt, October 25, 2012: Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test, today introduced its first audio analyzer designed specifically for the needs of hearing instrument manufacturers. While AP analyzers have been used for years in the R&D departments of the world's hearing instrument companies, this is the first time a customized model with all the required inputs and outputs plus automated test routines for the ANSI and IEC standards has been offered to the industry.


The APx511 is a low cost, high speed production test audio analyzer with an in-line 2 watt loudspeaker amplifier and telecoil amplifier. On the input side, APx511 has a  24 VDC constant current supply for pre-polarized measurement microphone. 


APx511 can run all the tests described in IEC60118- 7 and ANSI S3.22, the two standards that define hearing instrument tests for Europe and America respectively. For the production environment, these functions can be called from any .NET capable language or LabVIEW to control the APx511’s output and measurement settings. In addition to standard audio tests such as level, distortion, frequency response, and attack & release, APx511 can measure battery current using its built-in battery simulator circuit.



R&D applications

All APx models run on the same software, so with the R&D department using an APx525 or APx585 and APx511 deployed on production lines, product design is faster and interaction between Engineering and Production is much easier. 


APx is ideal for hearing instrument R&D with its unmatched analog performance, multichannel capability (used to simulate real world environments where algorithms have to process multi-directional sound sources), its world-class digital serial "chip-level" interface, and its integrated Bluetooth radio to measure the Bluetooth functionality increasingly built into hearing devices. AP's perceptual audio measurements add an objective and repeatable approach to what is usually a costly subjective process.


“Hearing technology is one of the most advanced frontiers of audio engineering, and the sophistication of today's hearing instrument hardware and software requires equally sophisticated test equipment,” explains Tom Williams, VP of Sales and Marketing at Audio Precision. “AP is the best in the world, and we're proud to offer our expertise to the scientists and production managers of the hearing community."



About Audio Precision

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