Audio Precision Publishes Practical Introduction to Basic Audio Measurements

Created on 2007-11-05 16:41:00

Beaverton, OR – Nov 5, 2007 – Audio Precision, the world-wide leader in audio test and measurement, announced today that it has published its latest Technote. Technote 104: Introduction to the Six Basic Audio Measurements is a practical tutorial that demonstrates how to make a set of basic audio measurements using an Audio Precision 2700 Series or ATS-2 audio analyzer.

Whether keeping to “the big six” or developing more esoteric measurements, a strong understanding of the principles behind these basic tests will ensure that users make the measurements correctly and have a firm foundation when employing advanced audio analysis techniques such as FFTs, multitone, and log chirp.

The six measurements covered in the technote are:

•          Level
•          Frequency Response
•          THD+N
•          Phase
•          Crosstalk
•          Signal-to-Noise Ratio

More advanced tests are available on the Audio Precision Resources Disc, which can be downloaded for free from the website. Users looking for additional information on audio test content can download the industry-standard Audio Measurement Handbook, also available on the website.

Price and Availability

Technote 104: Introduction to the Six Basic Audio Measurements is available for free from the Audio Precision Audio Resource Library ( Free website registration is required.


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