Audio Precision Reduces Audio Test Time on Production Line to 1.5 Seconds

Created on 2008-02-14 16:40:00

Beaverton, OR – Feb 14, 2008 – Audio Precision, the world-wide leader in audio test and measurement, announced today that version 2.0 of its successful High Speed Tester (HST) application for the 2700 Series and ATS-2 audio analyzers is now available.

HST was originally developed to test analog playback devices, such as portable music players, on the production line. The objective was a fast, accurate and easy-to-operate test station with a simplified user interface and automated logging of results to a spreadsheet. HST was a success, and many customers requested the same functionality for testing other devices.

With version 2.0, HST’s capabilities were extended to allow closed loop testing of devices such as amplifiers, receivers and signal processors. To allow testing of digital-to-analog and analog-to-digital converters, inputs and outputs can now be set to digital or analog. To speed test setup, user prompts, limits and sample rate can be defined easily via a simple setup utility. 

In just 1.5 seconds, HST measures DC offset, output level, frequency response, interchannel phase, distortion, noise in the presence of signal, and crosstalk, and compares the results against user defined pass/fail limits. HST provides single value results for each measurement in a simplified UI, but also allows the user to view the FFT spectrum of the acquisition for easier troubleshooting.

HST can also be used for testing broadcast transmissions: An analyzer is placed anywhere in the broadcast chain and HST “listens” for a specific 1 second multitone to be transmitted. When HST is triggered, the measurement results are automatically logged.

Price and Availability

HST v2.0 is documented in Technote 102, Using Audio Precision HST: Quick and Reliable Testing against Limits. The Technote and accompanying software is available for free from the Audio Precision Audio Resource Library ( Free website registration is required.


About Audio Precision

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