Samsung Contract Manufacturer Young Bo Tools Up New Bluetooth Production Line with Multiple Audio Precision APx520 Audio Analyzers

Created on 2008-09-25 16:42:57


, OR – Aug 5, 2008 – Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test, announced today that Young Bo Electronics chose the APx520 audio analyzer to equip its new Bluetooth headset production line.


Young Bo is a Korean contract manufacturer making Bluetooth headsets for Samsung Electronics. Samsung usually defines the test set up for its production lines, and had specified a LabVIEW setup with custom hardware. Young Bo sought permission to use Audio Precision equipment instead, citing a preference for AP instruments and concerns that a custom setup would be too expensive to reprogram for other applications. After AP distributor B&P International demonstrated that the APx520 could be controlled from the LabVIEW application using its API, Young Bo purchased multiple APx520s.


“Young Bo showed great foresight recognizing that an investment in capital test equipment must be able to pay off many times in the future,” said Dave Schmoldt, President of Audio Precision. “I’m pleased that Samsung was also able to see the value in relying on the recognized standard in audio test when working with contractors. With millions of dollars at stake, it’s crucial that results can be trusted by everyone.”


“Everyone in audio knows Audio Precision and its reputation for accuracy, so it is the safest choice for our engineers,” said Mr. Shin Wan-Sik of Young Bo. “It’s also important that we are able to use our test equipment for many different customers. Audio Precision analyzers are easy to repurpose for any audio test need.”


About the APx520 Audio Analyzer

The APx520 is a two channel audio analyzer that combines an award-winning user interface with AP’s legendary commitment to performance. APx is high speed, high performance, and user friendly. Innovations include one-click measurements, the automated measurement sequencer and continuous sweep technology that can derive 14 measurements in as few as 7 seconds. No other audio analyzer is faster or easier to use.


About Audio Precision

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