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APWIN Control Software

APWIN Control software. For all System One and System Two models.

Download | ZIP | 24.09 MB

  • System One
  • System Two
  • System One (SYS-22, -22G, -222A, -222G, -322A & -322G)


  • Measurement Software

AP2700 DspRiff4.ocx Update

AP2700 v3.30 has an issue with the Import .wav File function, causing file truncation and frequency error correction problems. This can be corrected by replacing the DspRiff4.ocx file in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Audio Precision folder with this version. This issue … Continue reading

Download | OCX | 344.00 KB

  • 2700 Series Analyzers
  • System Two Cascade / Cascade Plus



  • Measurement Software

AP2700 Control Software

Compatible with 2700 Series, System Two Cascade, and System Two Cascade Plus. Version 3.3 SP2 (and SP1) supports 64-bit Windows 7 using the APIB-USB adapter. The OPT-2711 (Dolby Digital generator option) is not supported. Instruments with OPT-2711 installed will function … Continue reading

Download | ZIP | 9.89 MB

  • 2700 Series Analyzers
  • System Two Cascade / Cascade Plus
  • 2700 Series (SYS-2702A, -2702G, -2712A, -2712G, -2722A, & -2722G)
  • System Two Cascade (SYS-2422A, -2422G, -2522A, 2522G, & -2500)
  • System Two Cascade Plus (SYS-2122A, -2122G, -2622A, -2622G, -2722A 96K, -2722G 96K, & -2700 96K)

3.3 SP2

  • Measurement Software

APx500 Measurement Software

APx500 measurement software for all APx Series instruments. This download is suitable for most users. If Microsoft .NET version 4.5 is not already on your PC, it will be downloaded during the installation. For PCs that do not have .NET … Continue reading

Download | ZIP | 124.7 MB

  • APx Analyzers

APx52x Series
APx58x Series


  • Measurement Software
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