AP2700 and ATS OLE Automation in Windows 7

Created on 2010-09-21 08:12:00

When accessing AP2700 or ATS control software via the API, such as from a Visual Basic application, Windows User Account Control (UAC) notifies the operating system before changes are made that require administrator-level permissions. This notification causes an error under API control which terminates the automation process. The issue does not affect AP Basic macros running inside of AP2700 or ATS.

To prevent this error, go to Control Panel > System and Security > Action Center > Security > User Account Control > Change Settings and change the setting to “Never Notify”. A reboot of the system is required for the change to be applied.

Windows User Account Control is designed to notify you when software attempts to make changes to your computer. Changing the setting to “Never Notify” means that if you’re logged on as an administrator, programs can make changes to your computer without you knowing about it. If you're logged on as a standard user, any changes that require the permissions of an administrator will automatically be denied. Windows User Account Control protects your PC, along with Windows Firewall and other Internet security and anti-virus software. Disabling UAC may open up your computer to potential security risks.