Application Notes


AP Applied: Acoustic Response (936.73 KB)

A look at some of the important features needed in an acoustic audio analyzer, the problems you may encounter in non-ideal testing environment, the needs of good production line testing, and the range of measurements and results that should be produced.

AP Applied: APx Automation with LabVIEW (1.19 MB)

Describes using LabVIEW with APx in a lab or automated production environment. Examples using the APx LabVIEW virtual instrument driver are shown.

AP Applied: Calculating ROI of Audio Test in Production (1.27 MB)

Cost benefit analysis of high performance, low price audio test equipment in production.

AP Applied: Digital Protocol Analysis (1.06 MB)

Explains the various ways to view, measure, and manipulate digital metadata, primarily over the HDMI interface.

AP Applied: Serial Digital Measurements with APx (2.32 MB)

Serial digital signal analysis is essential in research and development for evaluating audio circuit designs at the chip and at the board level. This AP Applied reviews serial testing procedures, and describes the abilities of the DSIO for APx, as well as the PSIA-2722 for the 2700 Series.

AP Applied: Ultra-High Bandwidth Analysis (1.24 MB)

A look at the traditional ways of examining out of band noise signals, as well as the advantages of using an ultra-high bandwidth audio analyzer with full 24 bit FFT resolution from DC to beyond 1 MHz.

AppNote: Headphone Electroacoustic Measurements (1.3 MB)

Due to the close coupling of earphones to the ears and the acoustic transmission paths involved, headphone measurements are complicated.

Our 26-page AppNote discusses these challenges, headphones types, measurement standards, headphone acoustics, acoustic test fixtures required for measuring headphones, and the practical aspects of headphone measurements. Objective measurements are also discussed.

AppNote: SoundWire Audio Testing (1.48 MB)

Audio Precision has teamed up with LnK to provide a complete test solution for SoundWire™ device audio testing that supports both PCM (I2S) and PDM digital formats. This 10-page AppNote provides an overview of this test solution.

SoundWire is a digital audio bus standard developed for the mobile electronics industry by the MIPI Alliance.


Dolby MS11 Compliance Testing with APx500 Series Audio Analyzers (1,023.45 KB)

In collaboration with Dolby engineers, Audio Precision has developed APx-based test solutions, available to Dolby licensees, to support both the Dolby Digital Plus Consumer Decoder SDK and the MS11 Multistream Decoder SDK. In the case of Dolby Digital Plus, compliance testing includes well over 1,200 individual measurements which, if performed manually, could easily take over a week. The APx solution reduces that time to hours. More importantly, because APx generates the test sequence with all appropriate limits, there is no time wasted on recreating a test methodology or deciphering test requirements. Since Dolby MS11 also supports Dolby Digital Plus, this application note primarily focuses on the MS11 SDK test solution.