APx iButtons for Legacy Software

Created on 2013-07-09 21:19:00

APx iButtons for legacy software

The APx515 supports the addition of software options via the installation of “iButtons” into the Software Option Key module on the rear of the unit. Beginning with version 3.1 of the APx500 Measurement Software (October 2012), AP changed the way that iButtons enable functionality in order to allow for greater flexibility.

Older versions of APx500 are not able to read the newer iButtons. If you must use a version of APx500 earlier than version 3.1, we offer special “retro” versions upon request.

  • APX-SW-ACRR: Acoustic Response
  • APX-SW-AMLR: Advanced Measurement Library
  • APX-SW-HSTR: High Speed Test Option
  • APX-SW-BUN2R: Software Bundle 2 (SW-ACRR, SW-AMLR, SW-HSTR, ASIO Interface)

Please contact the AP Partner for your region to request these iButtons for APx500 v3.1 and earlier.