APx500’s Flexible File Playback Function

Created on 2013-06-22 15:00:00

APx500 includes a valuable function, the ability to play back files through the analog or digital output of the instrument. This function is extremely flexible and greatly expands the functionality of the APx analyzer. You can generate unusual waveforms and noise. This means that many types of signals that the APx cannot generate in real-time can be generated by using files.

  1. The Waveform Generator Utility (203 kB) includes a wide variety of signals, including white and pink noise, as well as the polarity waveform and square waves.
  2. The Burst Waveform Utility (134 MB) creates sine burst waveforms and then saves them and/or uploads them into the APx generator. Burst waveforms can be useful in testing a number of properties, including power supply transient response and reserve, meter ballistics, and compressor/limiter behavior.

The APx file playback function is far more flexible than the arbitrary waveform generator in ATS and AP2700. The buffer is up to 32 Mega-samples long, well over 10 minutes for a mono 48 kHz file. Moreover, it can natively load .wav, .agm, .ags, .ac3, .ec3, .mlp, .mat, .dts, .cpt, and .dtshd files.

If you need to generate a special waveform, please contact technical support.