Continuously Repeating APx Measurements

Created 02 Jan 2013

The APx Repeat Measurement Utility allows you to continuously repeat any selected APx500 measurement. This is useful when adjusting a device, circuit, or component on the bench and you want to monitor changes as you make them in real time.

To install the APx Repeat Measurement Utility, simply download the zip file, unzip it, and then double-click the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.

Note that the version number of the utility must match the version of APx500 measurement software that you are running. When upgrading APx500, update the utility with the corresponding new version.

Run the utility by double-clicking on the shortcut icon that has been placed on your desktop. The utility will open with a window that presents two options:

  1. Using Start Button: This is the same as clicking the Start button at the top of APx500—it repeatedly runs the selected measurement without any measurement sequence step(s) that may exist in the sequence navigator. If the measurement has an Append option and it is checked, each repeated measurement will be appended.
    Fig 1  “Using Start Button” in the utility is equivalent to pushing the “Start” button in the measurement settings panel.
  2. Using Start Selected Measurement: This is the same as right-clicking on the selected measurement in the sequence navigator and selecting Start Selected Measurement. It repeatedly runs the selected measurement and any measurement sequence steps contained within the selected measurement. The Append checkbox is however ignored, and measurement results are not appended to the graph.
    Fig 2  “Using Start Selected Measurement” in the utility is equivalent to selecting “Start Selected Measurement” from the project navigator.

If you select “Using Start Button” for APx500 measurements that do not provide a Start button, an error message will be displayed.

When a sweep is in process, clicking the stop button at any time will grey out the Start and Stop buttons in the utility and the measurement will stop running when the sweep completes.

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