Error message: “AP2700 cannot control System One”

Created on 2009-05-12 19:19:00


Launching the AP2700 software results in this error message “AP2700 cannot control System One hardware. AP2700 will only control 2700 Series, Cascade or Cascade Plus instruments.” SYS-2722 is connected to a computer via the APIB PCI card, running AP2700 v3.3.


You have a “G” version analyzer, meaning that it has both GPIB and APIB control ports. It is switched into the GPIB position, so the AP2700 software thinks it not a 2700 Series/System Two and therefore must be a System One.

Exit the software and turn off the SYS-2722. Change the dip switch on the rear panel to the APIBposition and try it again.