Incident code 11146 error (Sys2 Family, ATS-2)

Created on 2009-06-08 22:23:00


When I start my AP control software (AP2700 v3.30 or ATSv1.60), I get an error which says “Incident code – 11146” and references arecovery file “xxxxx_ xxxxx _ xxxxx _ xxxxx _”

What does this mean and how do I get it fixed?


This error message indicates that the EEPROM memory hasbeen lost.

The System Two Family (including the 2700Series) and the ATS-2 instruments both contain an internal EEPROM that storescritical system information. If the EEPROM can not be read correctly duringstart-up, an error message will be displayed with the name of the necessary recoveryfile.

The recovery fileis created and stored each time the software is launched. For the System TwoFamily, its name has a long string of numbers followed by the extension “ee.”An example would be “”. For the ATS-2, the namewill be shorter (“” for example).

To recover theEEPROM information, perform the following steps:

  1. Power on the instrument but do not start the software.
  2. Navigate to the folder “C:Program FilesAudio PrecisionAP2700 3.30” (or “ATS 1.60”) and open the file “EERecover.exe”.
  3. In EERecover, browse to the recovery file and click Recover. The recovery file is located at:
    AP2700 3.3: “Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataAudio PrecisionAP2700 3.30”.
    AP2700 3.10-3.21 “Program FilesAudio PrecisionAP2700 (version number)”.
    ATS 1.60 “Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataAudio PrecisionAP2700 1.60”.
  4. The EEPROM data will be restored. If the instrument still is not functioning properly, contact Audio Precision technical support.