APx515 Software Options

Created on 2011-01-27 00:10:00

We recently purchased an APx515 which is supposed to have the Acoustic Response Option. How can I tell if the option is present?

When software options are installed in the APx515, it will have a Software Option Key Module fastened over the Software Options port on the back panel of the instrument, as shown in Figure 1. The module has a label indicating which options were installed when it left the factory. The module may contain up to three iButtons (memory modules that look like coin batteries), which are programmed to enable software options in the instrument. For example, the unit labeled in Figure 1 has one iButton with keys for the HST, AML, and ACR options.


Fig-1 - APx515 back panel with software option module
Figure 1. Back panel of the APx515 with the APx Software Option Key Module.

Figure 2. Back panel of the APx515 without the APx Software Option Key Module.

You can also verify that the iButton is present by going to Help> About in the APx500 software when the instrument is connected and turned on.

The About APx500 window displays details about the software version and hardware components. In the Product Components select box, look for an entry that starts with iButton, and select it (if it exists). This will show the software options present in the Component Details box. In the example shown in Figure 3, the instrument contains the POLQA (highlighted), PESQ and STI options.

Figure 3. The About APx500 window.