Portable One Family Calibration

Created on 2010-02-04 21:40:00

Audio Precision offers ISO-17025 Calibration for Portable One instruments with the GPIB (IEEE-488) communication interface. The GPIB interface was optional on Portable One instruments manufactured before 2004.

Please verify the presence of the GPIB interface on a Portable One instrument before scheduling calibration at Audio Precision USA. The GPIB (IEEE-488) interface connector is indicated in the following photo. Don’t confuse it with the Parallel Printer interface, which is located below it. If the GPIB interface is not installed, the rear panel will have a blank plate in place of the GPIB connector.

View of back panel, showing the GPIB connector below the digital output and above the parallel printer port.

Audio Precision can install the GPIB Interface in most Portable One instruments that currently lack it, as indicated in the table below:

ModelSerial NumberGPIB Upgrade AvailableISO-17025 Calibration Available
Portable One10,000-19,999NoNo
Portable One Plus10,000-19,999NoNo
Portable One Access40,000 and higherYesYes
Portable One Dual Domain40,000 and higherYesYes

* If the GPIB interface is already present, the instrument may be calibrated. 

For instruments that lack the GPIB interface, Audio Precision offers adjustment to factory specifications. This service includes a Certificate of Traceability, but not a calibration report or certificate.