Sending Bar Graph Data to an RS-232 Serial Port

Created on 2010-11-29 19:05:00

How do I use the bar graph to send a value to an external device? I want to send an ASCII equivalent of the number in the bar graph to an RS-232 serial port.

The associated macro and test ”BarGraph RS-232 Example Macro.apb” and “BarGraph RS-232 Example Test.at27” demonstrate sending the bar graph value out the RS-232 port using DoEvents in a loop. Load the test, and then run the macro. As you move the bar graph slider, the number displayed will be sent to the port.

Applies to: AP2700, APWIN


AP2700 Send Bar Graph Data to Serial Port Macro (10.73 KB)

Macro and test file demonstrate how to send a bar graph reading to an RS-232 serial port.