The Stream is HDCP Encrypted, Cannot Write File

Created on 2009-02-12 15:23:00


When I try to record tracks from the APx-BD1 Blu-ray Audio Test Signals disc via HDMI using the Measurement Recorder in APx 2.3 software,I get the following error message: “The Stream is HDCP Encrypted, Cannot Write File.”


The APx585 cannot record signals to files when the source device is transmitting encrypted signals. This is not a problem with the APx585—it is behavior required of all HDCP compliant devices. The purpose of HDCP is to prevent the copying of digital content and as such licensed devices are prohibited from recording encrypted signals.

The APx-BD1 Audio Test Signals disc is not copy protected. But the problem is that most, if not all Blu-ray players currently available, always encrypt their output even when it is not required by the disc being played. Customers should contact the manufacturers of their players and request that HDCP encryption only be enabled when required by the disc.