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API Development Tools

ATS-1 / Portable One LabVIEW Driver v1

Audio Precision has developed a LabVIEW project-style instrument driver for IEEE 488.2 (GPIB) equipped Portable One or ATS-1 audio analyzers. The LabVIEW VIs were developed using LabVIEW v5.1, but will open under LabVIEW versions through v8.21.

If you are using a later version of LabVIEW, visit National Instrument's knowledge base at http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/tut/p/id/8387 for information on migrating older LabVIEW VIs up to current versions.



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Configuration Files

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Portable One Datasheet v1

P1 / Portable One datasheet

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Dolby Compliance Projects

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ATS-1 / Portable One GPIB Resources v1

Visual Basic programs using AP's proprietary GPIB communication commands and responses to provide examples for several functions. For both ATS-1 and Portable One. Includes ATS-1/P1 GPIB manuals.


Technotes and AP Applied

Technote 20: Return Loss Measurements

This Technote gives an overview of the concept of return loss in telephony. Return loss is an expression of the impedance mismatch in a transmission circuit which can give rise to reflection of signal energy. Sample hybrid circuits and their use in return loss measurements using Audio Precision instruments are described.


Test Signals and Waveforms

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User Manuals and Specifications

ATS-1 Access Full Specifications


ATS-1 Dual Domain Full Specifications


ATS-1 Dual Domain User Manual v1.4


ATS-1 Dual Domain User Manual 96k Addendum


ATS-1 GPIB Programmer's Reference Manual v2


ATS-1 GPIB Programmer's Reference Manual 96k Addendum v1


ATS-1 User Manual vfw 2.0


Portable One Dual Domain 96 K Addendum to GPIB Programmer's Reference Manual


Portable One Dual Domain Full Specifications


Portable One Dual Domain User Manual


Portable One Dual Domain User Manual 96k Addendum


Portable One Plus Access / Dual Domain GPIB Programmer's Reference Manual


Portable One Plus Access / Dual Domain IMD Option Installation


Portable One Plus Access Full Specifications


Portable One Plus Access User Manual


Portable One Plus User Manual vfw 2.0 (View previous versions)


Portable One User Manual vfw 1.5 (View previous versions)


Utilities, Projects, & Macros

ATS-1 HPIB Emulator Sample Programs v1.0

HPIB is an interface protocol used with older Hewlett-Packard instruments. These programs demonstrate the ATS-1 capability to operate in HPIB emulation mode.


Whitepapers, Articles, and Books

Fundamentals of Modern Audio Measurement

Characterizing professional and consumer audio equipment requires techniques which often differ from those used to characterize other types of equipment. Sometimes this is due to the higher performance requirements. Other times it is due to the peculiarities of the audio industry. Other fields deal with some of the same measurements as those in audio. From level and THD to jitter and noise modulation, no other field has the breadth of requirements found in high performance audio.


The Audio Measurement Handbook v1

This reference handbook is a practical, hands-on guide for workers in all phases of the audio field. It covers basic tools and techniques, common environments for audio testing, application of these techniques to common audio devices, the typical ranges of performance to expect in different devices, and a glossary of terms and key specifications used in audio measurement. 178 pages Written by Bob Metzler.

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