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AP.com - Access Audio Test Technical Content
APx Audio Measurement Software Version 4.6 Now Available
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New APx software release v4.6 adding open-loop log-swept sine measurements for smart speaker test
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Since our founding in 1984, Audio Precision© (AP) has evolved into the worldwide leader for audio analyzers and audio testing. We maintain a singular focus: to help engineers worldwide design, validate, characterize, and manufacture audio components, products and systems.

Fast forward thirty-plus years and AP is the recognized global standard in audio tests. We provide elite audio analysis, audio measurement software, and a wide range of modules, options and accessories to support analog and digital audio measurement, as well as electro-acoustic testing, and much more.

From the original System One to our current APx platform, AP audio analyzers are known for their performance, reliability and versatility while our audio software is lauded for its ease-of-use and breadth of audio measurement. All are backed by our renowned technical support team.



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