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AP 2722

Windows 8 support

AP2700 v3.30 SP2 now supports both Windows 7 and Windows 8 32- and 64-bit editions using the APIB-USB adaptor. See details in system requirements below.

The 2700 Series is designed for audio engineers who need the highest performance, lowest distortion and greatest flexibility possible in their audio analyzer. With the Programmable Serial Interface Adapter (PSIA), it is the best solution for high end converter and other chip designers.

The 2722’s true dual domain architecture enables uncompromised measurement of both analog and digital signals: the analog generator and analyzer performance surpasses that of any digital converter-based design, while digital analysis techniques offer a wide array of precise, high-speed measurement techniques for either domain. Cross-domain work can be accomplished using the best of both worlds.

The typical THD+N of the 2700 Series is ≤115 dB at 2.0 Vrms. However, even with AP’s conservatively specified THD+N of -112 dB, the 2700 Series is the industry’s undisputed performance leader.

  • Dedicated analog circuitry for vanishingly low residual noise and THD+N
  • 192 kHz digital input and output capabilities
  • Generates and analyzes a broad palette of stimulus signals such as MLS, white and pink noise and other special purpose waveforms
  • Extensive API automation with AP Basic scripting and “learn mode”, LabVIEW driver and an IEEE.488 GPIB interface
  • User-defined sweeps, switcher support up to 192 channels

Model Options

2700 Series “A” (APIB) instruments have an APIB (Audio Precision Interface Bus) connector and require Windows XP, Vista, or 7 to run the AP Control Software. “G” instruments include the IEEE-488.2 GPIB interface and can also be controlled directly through GPIB.

Dual domain. Two-channel analog input/output, analog analyzer and generator, DSP analyzer and generator, plus 192k digital input/output.

Windows Vista Logo Test System.  An SYS-2722A with the following required filters and cables:  S-AES17, FIL-AWT, CAB-MINI and CAB-GND. Read more about Vista logo testing

Analog domain only. Two-channel analog input/output, analog analyzer and generator, DSP analyzer and generator.

Analog domain only. Two-channel analog input/output,analog analyzer and generator.



What others are saying

“With its extremely low-distortion analog and digital signal generators, its extraordinarily low noise, high-resolution A/D converters, its ability to directly examine digital datastreams, its ability to perform extensive analysis in both analog and digital domains, and its intuitive software interface, the SYS-2722 is more than equal to the task of accurately assessing the behavior of 21st-century audio components.”
-- John Atkinson, Editor | Stereophile


Ideal for testing

  • Power amps
  • Dolby/dts test
  • Converters
  • Pro audio
  • Class D amps
  • MP3 Players
  • Televisions
  • Loudspeakers
  • Microphones
  • Codecs
  • Chip level audio
  • Digital Interfaces


    Download full specifications

  • Sine Frequency Range
    10 Hz–204 kHz.
  • Frequency Accuracy
    ±3 ppm
  • IMD Test Signals
  • Maximum Amplitude (balanced)
    26.43 Vrms
  • Amplitude Accuracy
    ±0.06 dB
  • Flatness (20 Hz–20 kHz)
    ±0.008 dB (typically <0.003 dB)
  • Residual THD+N, (22 kHz BW)
    –112 dB + 1.0 µV @ 1kHz
  • Analog Output Configurations
    unbalanced & balanced
  • Digital Output Sampling Rate
    28 kHz to 200 kHz
  • Encoded audio formats
    Dolby Digital
  • Maximum Rated Input Voltage
    160 Vrms
  • Maximum Bandwidth
    >500 kHz
  • IMD Measurement Capability
  • Amplitude Accuracy (1 kHz)
    ±0.05 dB
  • Amplitude Flatness (20 Hz–20 kHz)
    ±0.02 dB
  • Residual Input Noise (22 kHz BW)
    <1 µV (–117.8 dBu)
  • Residual THD+N, (22 kHz BW)
    –112 dB + 1.0 µV @ 1kHz
  • Individual Harmonic Analyzer
  • Max FFT Length
    32K points
  • DC Voltage Measurement

  • IBM-compatible PC with the minimum processor type and memory required by Microsoft for the installed operating system.
  • Supports Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2 and SP3 (32-bit), Windows Vista Business and Ultimate Editions (32-bit), Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate Editions SP1 (32- and 64-bit), Windows 8 Pro and Enterprise Editions (32- and 64-bit).
  • The AP2700 64-bit driver only supports AP’s APIB-USB adapter, and is not compatible with APIB add-in cards (ISA, PCI, PCIe, and PCMCIA buses).
  • The AP2700 64-bit driver does not support the OPT-2711 Dolby Digital generator option. Instruments with OPT-2711 installed will function correctly on a 64-bit PC, but the Dolby Digital generator will not be available.

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