Setting AP2700 Test File Location in LabVIEW

Created on 2009-08-18 01:10:00

I want to use LabVIEW with ActiveX to open an AP2700 test file. With the code below (, I am able to open a test file. But how can I specify the folder that the test file resides in?

You can specify a folder name by simply pre-pending the folder path to the Filename string. For example, if the file name is “My_test.at27” and it resides in the My Documents folder of user UserID, the complete Filename string to use in the code above would be “C:Documents and SettingsUserIDMyDocumentsMy_test.at27”. You can use the LabVIEW Path to String function to convert a LabVIEW file path to the necessary string, as shown in the modified version of your VI below. The modified example also uses the LabVIEW File Dialog VI to prompt the user to navigate to the folder containing the test file.