Software Subscription

Enjoy the Flexibility

Software subscriptions allow you to access the latest version of APx500 software and all measurement options (excluding PESQ & PLQA) regardless of the current perpetual license available on your analyzer.

This is an economical solution if it has been more than a few years since you upgraded your software.


Snapshot of what you get

For the past 15 years, Audio Precision has averaged two APx500 software releases per year.
Each release has expanded the capabilities of previously purchased analyzers and opened new technical markets that can be addressed by APx analyzers.

In the past five years, AP has added the following software features to our analyzers:

Year Version Updates
2022 V8
  • THD+N from FastSweep
  • Improved sequence execution performance
  • SoneTrac improvements
2022 V7.1
  • Input unit of measures, V, FS, Pa, or Current regardless of actual physical input
  • Per channel input gain and sensitivity settings
  • Map physical channels to virtual input channels in any desired configuration
2021 V7
  • Open Loop FastSweep Enhanced FFT analysis:
    • Arbitrary FFT/DFT length
    • Level triggering
    • New window, None – Move to bin center
  • Continuously updating/real-time
  • Transfer Function in Bench Mode
  • Support for GRAS SysCheck microphones
2021 V6.1
  • FastSweep
  • HOHD
  • SoneTrac
  • Normalized THD
  • IEEE or IEC THD calculation
  • Save any waveform graph to .wav file
2020 V6
  • Simultaneous Analog and Digital input
  • Sensitivity Derived Result
  • ANSI S3.22 IMD Frequency Sweep
  • IEC 60118-0 IMD Frequency Sweep
  • Bandpass Level Improvements ANSI S3.22 Fit Limit to Data Derived Result
  • ISO R-Series Nth Octave Sweeps
2019 V5
  • Transfer Function
  • Fixed Output Range
2018 V4.6
  • Open Loop Chirp
  • Multi-channel input equalization
  • DTS-X Streaming

APx500 Software Platform

Perpetual License



A perpetual license grants a permanent, non-exclusive and non-expiring right to use the software.

Additional Measurement Options

Does not include additional measurement options, which must be purchased separately.

Software Upgrades

Will need to purchase every upgrade individually.
If you skip an upgrade and decide you need one in the future, you may need to “catch up” by purchasing all the versions in between your current software version and the future one you are trying to receive.

Subscription License


1,3 or 5 year(s).

A software subscription grants a time-limited license to access all software versions. Currently you my subscribe for 1-,3- or 5-year time increments.

Additional Measurement Options

Access to all optional APx measurements granted for duration of subscription (excluding PESQ & PLQA) at no additional costs.

Software Upgrades

You will receive a time-limited license to any/all APx software versions available, including future versions released during your subscription license period.