Audio Software

Scalable, Flexible Software

APx500 Measurement Software is the most advanced audio measurement interface available. Complex procedures that include user prompts, limits, and calls to external applications can be created directly in the GUI, saving time and money while ensuring painless updates over time and no development is required.

Create custom interfaces and application-to-application automation using the comprehensive APx API. Extensive documentation and examples are provided for Visual Basic.NET, C#, MATLAB, LabVIEW, and Python. Projects and automation can be shared with other APx units anywhere in the world.

AP offers a wide range of options tailored to specific applications, including:

• Electro-acoustic testing (R&D or Production)
• Perceptual audio test: POLQA
• Speech Intelligibility: ABC-MRT measurement
• Speech Intelligibility: STI measurement

If your APx500 software suddenly stopped working, you may need to follow these instructions to ensure your APx500 software is working properly.

APx500 Software Platform

APx audio analyzers use a common software platform that makes tests and results easier to share. All test settings are saved in a single project file, for simple test setup replication between R&D and production facilities.

Project files are compatible with both B Series and legacy APx instruments and each project is self-contained, so there’s never any worry about dependencies or broken links.


The latest version: v8.0

  • THD+N results using the FastSweep stimulus in Continuous Sweep, Acoustic Response, and Loudspeaker Production Test.
  • Software performance optimizations that reduce unnecessary computation and accelerate sequence execution.
  • Update to Bose® SoneTrac allows users to make SoneTrac measurements in the same way as Bose to experience more refined control over signal processing in the detection of rub and buzz defects.


APx500 Flex Audio Analyzer

For measurement scenarios where hardware performance requirements are secondary to test system price—such as production line test of speakers, headphones and microphones. Flex offers a multi-mode UI, code-free automation, and a host of application-specific software options.



Each new analyzer includes one year of software maintenance, licensing for up to APx version 8.0 when it is released (as well as any minor 7.x releases that occur prior to v8.0).

Release 7.1 is compatible with all analyzers in the APx500 Series. An APx KeyBox is required to run v7.1 on legacy APx analyzers. APx KeyBoxes already installed on legacy analyzers are compatible with v7.1 and only require an updated license file once an upgrade is purchased (unless they are pre-licensed for v7.x via an existing software maintenance contract, for example SW-MAINT-3).


APx500 Software Subscriptions

APx500 subscriptions provide the ultimate choice of any version of APx500 software you want to run, and any APx500 measurements you want to use, with both Bench Mode, Sequence Mode, and all software options enabled – all at the lowest possible cost.


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