Production-Line Audio Testing

When a device that reproduces sound and contains speakers, headphone drivers, or microphones, is approved for mass production, how you test the product may ultimately have the largest influence on optimum profitability.

A good audio test system will inexpensively and quickly verify that the audio features of the product perform as designed. It will also minimize production costs by ensuring that no working product is incorrectly scrapped and maximize customer satisfaction by preventing defective devices from reaching an end user. Read more about the cost of production-line audio testing in our blog.


Electronic Devices

When evaluating the performance of a purely electronic device — power amplifier, headphone amplifier, DAC, ADC, or really any device with an electrical input or output — one thing to note is that even the simplest test will yield valuable data.

Acoustic Devices

In the case of speakers, microphones, earphones and balanced armature drivers, testing the device at one frequency provides minimal utility. More commonly, and more effective in determining performance, these devices are swept across a range of frequencies of interest.

The AP Difference

When it comes to fundamentals of measurement accuracy, with key metrics such as amplitude accuracy, frequency response flatness, and residual noise and distortion, AP is unchallenged. Our analyzers are, in fact, the reference for most other audio measurement systems from R&D to the production line.


APx517 B Series Acoustic Analyzer – Specifically designed, configured, and priced to meet production-line needs and sets up in under five minutes.

APx511 B Series Audio Analyzer – Ideal for production test of hearing aids.

APx515 B Series Audio Analyzer – Created for the production test application, this analyzer provides agility, superb test automation options, reliability and straightforward operational procedures.

APx52X B Series Audio Analyzers – Designed for engineers seeking an analyzer that combines two or four channels with fast and reliable test performance.

APx555 B Series Audio Analyzer – Designed for research and development engineers requiring the utmost in analog performance.

APx58X B Series Audio Analyzers – Replicate test setups between R&D and production facilities anywhere in the world. Perfect for engineers focused on the design of pro audio products such as mixing consoles.

APx 500 Flex Audio Analyzer – Software only option designed specifically for very cost-sensitive production test applications.

APx1701 Transducer Test Interface – Low Noise, Low Distortion and Flat Response for Loudspeaker, Headphone and Microphone Measurement.



SysCheck2 – The first intelligent acoustic sensor system

45CC — Headphone test fixture