Technical Support
Dedicated to providing world-class support beyond the technical operation of our equipment

Audio Precision is proud to offer free technical support for our instruments. Our Technical Library is the first stop for technical questions, but if you’d prefer to speak with an expert one-to-one, AP’s application engineers can work with you to help define your test procedure, troubleshoot your setup, and understand your results. Custom LabVIEW and API programming support is also available.

***Did APx500 suddenly stop functioning on your computer? It may be due to thisUpdated November 15th, 2023***

Help is available from Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time).

Contacting AP Technical Support
[email protected]
Phone: (503) 627-0832 x 4
US Toll Free: (800) 231-7350

Getting Answers Faster
To help our Technical Support quickly answer your questions or resolve any issues you’re experiencing, please provide the following in your email request or call:

• Your complete contact information (name, email, phone and company information)
• A full description of the issue
• Model number of your Audio Precision instrument
• Version of AP software you’re using
• Microsoft Windows version and language
• Steps to reproduce the problem
• Sample test or project files with data

If you are using the Audio Precision API, providing sample code will also help expedite your support. Code provided should be stripped down to the minimum necessary to demonstrate the issue, and must be self-contained and “ready to run.”

If you have large files or executables, please provide a link to the files via Dropbox or another similar file transfer system so that your email does not get rejected by our filters. If your email is successfully received by us, you should receive an automated response within a few minutes.

Please reply to the emails you receive for any follow-up communication. These emails contain a reference code to keep everything connected with the case together. If you need help with a different issue, please send a separate, new email so that a new case gets created.