ATS-1 Downloads

ATS LabVIEW Examples 1.6 SP1 (105.85 KB)

LabVIEW VI examples for controlling System Two and System One instruments using APWin control software and ActiveX automation. For usage instructions, see Technote 101.

For controlling type "A" instruments, or type "G" instruments via the APIB bus. Requires LabVIEW 6.0 or higher.

ATS-1 / Portable One LabVIEW Driver 1.0 (1.17 MB)

Audio Precision has developed a LabVIEW project-style instrument driver for IEEE 488.2 (GPIB) equipped Portable One or ATS-1 audio analyzers. The LabVIEW VIs were developed using LabVIEW v5.1, but will open under LabVIEW versions through v8.21.

If you are using a later version of LabVIEW, visit National Instrument's knowledge base at information on migrating older LabVIEW VIs up to current versions.

    ATS-1 Datasheet (533.42 KB)

    Datasheet for the ATS-1 Audio Analyzer.

    Portable One Datasheet (998.05 KB)

    P1 / Portable One datasheet

      ATS-1 / Portable One GPIB Resources 1.0 (12.29 MB)

      Visual Basic programs using AP's proprietary GPIB communication commands and responses to provide examples for several functions. For both ATS-1 and Portable One. Includes ATS-1/P1 GPIB manuals.

      ATS-1 HPIB Emulator Sample Programs 1.0 (5.44 KB)

      HPIB is an interface protocol used with older Hewlett-Packard instruments. These programs demonstrate the ATS-1 capability to operate in HPIB emulation mode.

        The Audio Measurement Handbook (1.60 MB)

        This reference handbook is a practical, hands-on guide for workers in all phases of the audio field. It covers basic tools and techniques, common environments for audio testing, application of these techniques to common audio devices, the typical ranges of performance to expect in different devices, and a glossary of terms and key specifications used in audio measurement. 178 pages Written by Bob Metzler.