Audio Analyzers & Accessories

Audio Precision’s audio analyzers and accessories offer unmatched performance and versatility in analog, digital and electro-acoustic audio test.

Audio Precision audio analyzers and accessories offer unmatched performance and versatility in audio test, whether analog, digital or electro-acoustic

AP audio analyzers provide more connectivity options with higher performance specifications than any other analyzer in the world. Every interface option is fully integrated into our software, eliminating uncertainty and enabling faster test setup, while our test software provides unique measurement views and results that are trusted everywhere.


Delivering analog, digital and acoustic test capabilities in single instrument, APx500 Series analyzers are the epitome of versatility.


From the lowest THD+N and crosstalk to the flattest response and widest bandwidth, Audio Precision analyzers are at the forefront of audio measurement.


Beyond traditional analog and digital audio interfaces, AP analyzers offer options for Bluetooth, Digital Serial, HDMI and PDM connectivity. Likewise, AP instruments are designed with automation in mind, supporting (model dependent) LabVIEW, VB.NET, C#.NET, MATLAB, AP Basic or GPIB.


Choose from analyzers with native two-, four-, eight-, or sixteen-channel configurations.

Accredited Calibration

AP is accredited by A2LA under ISO/IEC 17025:2005, the most stringent standard. Calibration provides documented and traceable verification that instruments meet or exceed all of their published specifications.

Audio Analyzers

Analog, digital and acoustic test solutions from the recognized standard in audio test. Audio Analyzer Comparison

APx555 High-Performance, Modular 2-Channel Audio Analyzer
APx52x Series Modular, 2- and 4-Channel Performance Audio Analyzers
APx58x Series 8- and 16-Channel Modular Audio Analyzers
APx515 2-Channel Audio Analyzer
APx511 Hearing Instrument Audio Analyzer
2700 Series High-Performance, 2-Channel Audio Analyzer
ATS-1 Self-Contained Audio Analyzer

Audio Analyzer Accessories

Dedicated hardware accessories and internal modules to expand analyzer functionality.

APx1701 Transducer Test Interface
SWR-2755 Switcher
AUX-0025 / 0040 / 0100 Switching Amplifier Measurement Filters
DCX-127 Multifunction Module
PSIA-2722 Programmable Serial Interface Adapter
Option Filters & Pre-Analyzer AES17 Filters
PDM Line Driver
Measurement Microphones & Acoustic Test Accessories
Cables, Rackmounts & Other Accessories