Closed-loop, multichannel audio performance testing of A2B components and systems

The Automotive Audio Bus® (A2B®) is an emergent technology developed and patented by Analog Devices, Inc., and already being adopted by a number of key automotive manufacturers. A2B provides the ability to transport up to 32 channels of 24-bit, 48 kHz sample rate audio up to 15 meters between network nodes. Audio, clock, control data and power are all carried on a single run of unshielded, low cost twisted-pair wire. The twisted-pair wiring reduces infotainment wiring harness weight by as much as 75%, lowering manufacturing costs and improving fuel efficiency. Applications for A2B technology include multichannel audio for entertainment, hands free voice communication, acoustic noise control (ANC) and in-vehicle communication systems. For further information, please see:

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Testing Audio Performance of A2B Devices
From simulation and bench testing in early-stage development, to validation and production testing, having a closed-loop system to measure audio and dynamic signal performance over an A2B network is an integral part of incorporating the bus technology into next-generation automotive systems. By combining the capabilities of Audio Precision’s APx500 audio analyzers and software, and Mentor’s A²B Analyzer System, software and ASIO driver, developers can easily create a complete, closed-loop multichannel A²B audio test system.

Within this test system, the Mentor analyzer platform provides straightforward A²B network configuration and simulation, as well as flexible routing, and high-fidelity audio. The APx audio analyzer delivers comprehensive, multichannel audio measurement analysis and offers a wide range of interface options, including analog, Bluetooth®, digital serial (TDM) and PDM. Working as a complete system, these tools eliminate the effort required to develop, and support, in-house, custom test solutions.

Mentor Automotive A2B Analyzer
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